V. N. Bezrukov, V. G. Orlov,
Institute of Radio and Information Systems (IRIS), Vienna, Austria

DOI: 10.36724/2664-066X-2023-9-2-2-8

SYNCHROINFO JOURNAL. Volume 9, Number 2 (2023). P. 2-8.


Quasiperiodic phase-time transformations of video information can be car-ried out both due to the objects corresponding displacements themselves, and through the necessary displacements organization, for example, in the signal sensor of television systems. The essence of this transformation type is rel-ative, time-periodic displacements of controlled objects in raster space on the photosensitive surface of the signal sensor, accompanied by changes in the position of the object relative to the optical axis. In this case, large-scale changes in coordinates also affect the angle of each element of the object image. Consequently, the action of the operator of “periodic circular dis-placements” is associated with the occurrence of the effect of relative sup-pression of the upper spatial frequencies of the initial influence. The article shows that in terms of the effect on the spatio-temporal spectrum of the initial impact, it is advisable to classify the operator of “periodic linear displace-ments” as operators of the differential type, and the operator of “periodic circular displacements” as operators of the integral type. Any operator of integral type can be reduced to differential type and vice versa. An example is considered where the operator of periodic circular displacements is easily converted to a differential type when introducing a return circular displace-ment along the same trajectory.

Keywords Television, Phase-Time Transformations, Video information


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