Nurbol Zhumadil,
Almaty Management University, Almaty, Kazakhstan,

Saltanat Narbayeva,
al-Farabi Kazakh National university, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Timur Bakibayev,
Almaty Management University, Almaty, Kazakhstan,

Kuanysh Abeshev,
Almaty Management University, Almaty, Kazakhstan,

Kseniya Shubenkova,
Kazan Federal University, Russia

DOI: 10.36724/2664-066X-2021-7-1-24-29

SYNCHROINFO JOURNAL. Volume 7, Number 1 (2021). P. 24-29.


We propose a new vehicle monitoring system based on Exonum blockchain platform. This system may help autonomous vehicles to make decisions. This system can also help in investigating crimes and traffic offense. The article describes the main trends in the field of intellectualization of transport systems and mobility. The blockchain technology and its capabilities in enhancing cybersecurity are described through the creation of a safe and reliable system for sending the parameters of the current state of each vehicle through its neighbours. The proposed system will serve as an important step towards the development of a motion control system for connected and autonomous vehicles.

Keywords: road safety, traffic accident, methods, blockchain, Exonum.


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Information about authors:

Nurbol A. Zhumadil, master of economics sciences specialty “Management”, “Almaty Management University”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Saltanat M. Narbayeva, Ph.D. student specialty “In information security systems”, al-Farabi Kazakh National university, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Timur Bakibayev, Ph.D, Professor, Almaty Management University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Kuanysh Sh. Abeshev, Ph.D. Dean of the Almaty Management University, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Kseniya Shubenkova, Candidate of sciences, Senior lecturer of the “Service of Transport Systems” department, Kazan Federal University, Russia