Peter Jonsson,
Ericsson, Stockholm, Sweden

DOI: 10.36724/2664-066X-2022-8-3-18-28

SYNCHROINFO JOURNAL. Volume 8, Number 3 (2022). P. 18-28.


Resilient networks are the foundation for continued digitalization of societies and industries. Continuous network modernization and coverage build-out has led to several hundred million people becoming new mobile broadband subscribers every year. 5G is scaling faster than any previous mobile generation and we expect 5G subscriptions to reach 1 billion by the end of 2022. In several regions, deployment of 5G standalone networks is also picking up pace, as communications service providers prepare for innovation to address the business opportunities beyond enhanced mobile broadband. A solid digital network infrastructure underpins enterprises’ digital transformation plans, and their new capabilities can be turned into new customer services. As exemplified in this edition, service providers are looking to expand out of pure connectivity into service enablement platforms. Global mobile network data traffic has doubled in the last two years, driven by continuing growth in smartphone usage, mobile broadband and now the digitalization of societies and industries. But traffic is not the only thing that grows. The ongoing war in Europe, as well as increased geopolitical tension in the world, leads to a range of global threats – economic as well as social – that must be navigated. And in our field of networking, the threat landscape calls for constant diligence in keeping ahead with security. You can read more about security in this edition. Managing the continued strong traffic growth while reducing energy consumption is also a top priority. Older technologies are being replaced by continuous build-out of 4G and 5G networks, substantially improving network performance and energy efficiency with each generation. 5G technologies play a key role in modernization, providing multiples of capacity while becoming more energy efficient. Innovative network technologies enable service providers to introduce new services that in turn support societies and enterprises to reduce their carbon emission footprint. In this edition, we share some examples of how 4G and 5G technologies make it possible to unleash the power of IoT connectivity to enhance both enterprises’ business performance and sustainability.

Keywords: 5G technologies, digitalization, mobile subscriptions.



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