2023 International Conference «Engineering Management of Communication and Technology» (EMCTECH)

IEEE Conference # 58502

Vienna, Austria
October 16 – 18, 2023

Connecting Development of Technology,
Engineering Management and Personal Skills

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IEEE Conference will be featured in the plenary sessions with a dedicated day of the conference. We invite contributions from researchers, educators, managers, and students. Contributions may be conceptual, theoretical, or empirical. They should document research activity, case studies or best practices, shedding light on the theory or practice of engineering, technology, innovation management, or development of personal skills. Technology papers are welcome focusing on the directions of technology that would be applied to business development and entrepreneurship.

We look forward to seeing you in beautiful and historic Vienna, Austria!

Technology evolution opens novel opportunities to employ the technology in many businesses. The internet opened e-commerce and marketing and that also changed global marketing strategies as well as discovery of new application areas. Now, Internet of Things devices (IoT) gives us information collected from billions of devices, the cloud lets us store, process and forward this and AI gives us tools to analyze information, predict and make smart decisions. Utilizing these technologies, new personal skills are necessary which can help build products that enable essentials so we can make advanced solutions for biomedical systems, transportation, education, manufacturing, agriculture, and many other areas.

Topic areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Technology advancements in IoT devices
  • Technology advancements in Artificial Intelligence
  • New opportunities using technology in BioMedical, Farming, Transportation, and Cyber Physical Systems
  • Broadcast technologies advancements – radio, IP, cellular, interactive.
  • Technology advancements in wire and optical communication and control systems
  • Information process management in digital society and industry 4.0
  • Digital transformation and Data Risk Management in ICT/Telecommunication
  • Enhancing industry, university, and/or government collaboration
  • Developing personal skills for leading innovation initiatives
  • Leading societal change, e.g., smart cities, public policy

In the conference take part inviting speakers from industry leaders around the world that will provide visions and industry in a rapidly developing technology world.

Сonference venue

Tivoligasse 73, 1120 Vienna, Austria
Springer Schloessl