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Published bimonthly since 2015.

The content of the publication directions is related to the study of the fundamental problems of synchronization, the formation and processing of signals in the field of communications, broadcasting, radar, radio navigation, radio control, including questions of practical use. Problems of the implementation of devices and systems for synchronization, signal shaping and processing based on modern digital technologies (specialized processes, signaling processes, programmable logic integrated circuits, technological issues of equipment development and production). 

“SYNCHROINFO JOURNAL” is included in the European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS).

ERIH is one of the world’s largest citation indices developed by European humanities researchers. It includes publications not only in English, but also in the main European languages. The selection of periodicals is carried out by a group of experts in the humanities. ERIH is created to increase the openness and accessibility of leading European humanities researches. The journals included in the monitoring system meet the stringent European requirements for academic publications. Inclusion in ERIH allows researchers around the world to use research materials published in the journal and increases the citation of the authors of the journal in the academic works of scholars from different countries.
The journal is available in the ERIH PLUS database at the following address: https://dbh.nsd.uib.no/publiseringskanaler/erihplus/periodical/info?id=498524

SYNCHROINFO JOURNAL is also on the list of Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory (ProQuest).

The main headings of the journal

  • Signal Generating and Shaping Devices
  • Signal Processing Devices
  • Synchronization Systems and Devices
  • Antennas and Radio Waves Propagation
  • Navigation and Mathematical Algorithms of an Object Space Orientation
  • Radiofrequency Applications
  • Wire and Optical Communication and Control Systems
  • Intelligent Transport Systems


Institute of Radio and Information Systems (IRIS)
Institut für Radio- und Informationssysteme – IRIS

Editorial board

Albert Waal (Germany)
Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Andrey V. Grebennikov (United Kingdom)
Corbett Rowell (United Kingdom)
Eric Dulkeith (USA)
German Castellanos-Dominguez (Colombia)
Marcelo S. Alencar (Brazil)
Oleg V. Varlamov (Austria)
Ali H. Harmouch (Lebanon)