Criteria for reviewers

Full Paper are being reviewed (Blind review)

Сriteria for reviewers to evaluate submissions

1. All documents approved for publication by the Program Committee are reviewed.
2. Review process is anonymous for the reviewers as well as for the author.
3. After reviewing the paper may be rejected, sent to the author for revision, or accepted for publication.
4. The review should include:
– General evaluation of the paper’s content and principal judgment on whether it could be published;
– The specific enumeration of errors in the methodology and tools (if any);
– Suggestions for improving the text.
5. Upon receipt of an unfavorable verdict of the reviewer the paper is discussed on the program committee meeting, which makes a decision on rejection of the article or the need for further review by an independent expert.
6. In case of paper’s rejection, the author will receive a notification letter.
7. The procedure for review and approval of articles is from 1 to 2 months.
8. All reviewers are acknowledged experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials.
We are not using student reviewers.
Every participant pays arrangement fee. Besides, the Conference doesn’t allows distance participation and if the speaker is absent, he or she will lost the ability of the report to the next conference.