M.V. Belubekyan,
Institute of Mechanics National Academia Since, Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia,

V.G. Garakov,
Institute of Mechanics National Academia Since, Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia

DOI: 10.36724/2664-066X-2020-6-5-2-5

SYNCHROINFO JOURNAL. Volume 6, Number 5 (2020). P. 2-5.


A plane electromagnetic wave incident on the interface of a dielectric medium made of a piezoactive material leads to the excitation of elastic shear waves. Piezoelectric material is assumed to have 6mm class hexagonal symmetry. The case of a half-space and a finite layer is considered. Coefficients of reflection and refraction are determined. In the problem of an electromagnetic wave incidence on a half-space made of a piezoelectric material of hexagonal symmetry, class 6 mm, the nature of the piezoelectric effect influence on the transparency condition is established. In the case of reflection from a finite piezolayer, reflection coefficients are determined for different variants of boundary conditions.

Keywords: Electromagnetic wave, piezoelectric materia, electroelastic waves.


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