Wang Ji
Xinjiang, People’s Republic of China,

Voronov V.I.
Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics, Moscow, Russia,

DOI: 10.36724/2664-066X-2020-6-5-6-11

SYNCHROINFO JOURNAL. Volume 6, Number 5 (2020). P. 6-11.


Advances in technology are making health research increasingly complex. Artificial intelligence is widely used in this research. Convolutional neural networks are one of the most common and optimal algorithms for working with images. Image recognition results are used to analyze the results of medical examinations of patients. The subject of the research – analysis of the human brain computed tomography results using a convolutional neural network based on the Keras library.

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, convolutional neural network, keras, convolutional layer, brain tomography.


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