V. N. Kuleshov, A. A.Perfilyev, T. I. Boldyreva, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia

SYNCHROINFO JOURNAL. Volume 5, Number 3 (2019). P. 14-17.


Two approaches to PM and AM noise calculation in voltage controlled oscillator (VCO) are presented and compared. The first approach is based on single harmonic quasi-steady state equations of the oscillator. Both wideband and 1/f noise sources are taken into consideration. Under several assumptions simple formula for PM noise in VCO is obtained and discussed. The second approach is based on polyharmonic calculation of steady-state oscillations and PM and AM noise. The advantages and shortcomings of each approach are discussed.

Keywords: voltage controlled oscillator, PM and AM noise, wideband and 1/f noise sources, single harmonic analysis, polyharmonic analysis.


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