Bayram Ibrahimov

Doctor of Science, Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku, Azerbaijan

Web of Science: h-index (2), Publications (18), Citations (20)
SCOPUS: Author-ID 37028384100, h-index (3), Publications (35), Citations (46)
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5364-1181

Doctor of technical sciences, professor (2007) of the department “Telecommunication systems and information security” of Azerbaijan Technical University.

In 1990- he became a candidate of technical sciences, then in 2003 he successfully defended himself and became a doctor of technical sciences. For one term, he worked as the head of the Department of Multichannel Telecommunication Systems and was twice elected dean of the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Communications (2010 – 2018). He is the author or co-author of more than 510 scientific works, which include 12 patents, 5 textbooks, 8 textbooks and 5 books in the form of a monograph. He has ten academic papers in Scopus and Web of Science.

He completed a scientific internship through the TACIS line in the UK (1998), at the invitation of the telecommunications company ZTE in the People’s Republic of China (2010), as well as in the USA (2014). 

Field of research

Basics of Telecommunication Theory, Signaling Systems and Protocols Telecommunication Network, Cryptography Theory, Analysis of Multiservice Communication Networks of the NGN and FN, Queuing Systems Theory.


Azerbaijan Technical University: Baku, Yasamal, AZ
1980-11-10 to present | professor (Multichannel telecommunication systems)

Education and qualifications

Azerbaijan Technical University: Baku, YASAMAL, AZ
1975-09-01 to 1980-06-01 | Magister (Multichannel Telecommunication Systems)

Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, professor of the telecommunication systems and information security sub-department, dean of the faculty, Azerbaijan Technical University (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Participated in the preparation of 7 candidates of technical sciences

Research Interests

• Systems, networks, telecommunication devices
• System analysis, management and information processing
• Information security, methods and systems of information protection
• Information-measuring and control systems


Experimental Physics, Solid State Physics, Materials Physics, Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering

Skills and expertise

Channels, Signaling, Network, Optics, Network Architecture, Network Communication, QoS, Signal Transduction, Network Security, Networking, Information and Communication Technology, Security, Network Performance Analysis, Network Performance Evaluation, Network Management, Wireless Computing, Network technology, TCP, Network Configuration, Internet Architecture, Switching, Virtualization, Multimedia Communication, Network Measurement, Group Communication, Network Science, IMS, TCL, Sdh, Computer Networks Security

Academic Awards and Grants

Science Development Foundation under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Project number: EİF-RİTN-MQM-2/İKT-2-2013-7(13)-29/13/1-M-20

Topic leader: Creation of software for the speech corpus, consisting of male and female voices for the system of voicing texts in the Azerbaijani language
01.05. 2015 – 05/01/2016.