Michael J. Sharpe

ETSI/SPR Director Committee Support Centre,
European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), Nice Area, France

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Michael Sharpe received his PhD in the Computer Aided Design research group of the University of Essex in 1989 in the UK. Since then, he has worked at BBC Television, Ford Motor Company and the UK Radiocommunications Agency before joining ETSI in 1995. At ETSI he has occupied several roles, including Vice-President of ETSI Standardisation Projects, Director of Technical Strategy and most recently Director of Spectrum and Equipment Regulation.
Michael Sharpe is presently the manager of the ETSI Radio Competence Centre.

In his current role, Michael Sharpe is responsible for ensuring effective co-operation of ETSI’s technical activities with the work of key regulatory bodies and partner standards bodies at the National, European and Global level. His current priorities include working with the European Commission to ensure the smooth introduction of the Radio Equipment Directive, and the continuing close co-operation with CEPT and the Commission Radio Spectrum Unit to ensure that ETSI Harmonized Standards and Regulations on radio frequency use are developed in a coordinated and effective manner.

Professional experience

HPTO/SPTO, Department of Trade and Industry 1993 – 1995 (2 years);

Component Engineer, Ford Motor Company 1992 – 1993 (1 year);

Product Development, Electrical Engineering. Dunton, UK;

Engineer, BBC Television 1989 – 1992 (3 years)


Telecommunications Wireless, Standardization, VoIP, Standards Development, Mobile Communications, ETSI, IP, 3GPP, 3G, RF, Mobile Devices, LTE, GSM