Valery O. Tikhvinskiy

Doctor of Science, International Information Technology University, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Web of Science: Author-ID K-9032-2013, h-index (3), Publications (17), Citations (24)
SCOPUS: Author-ID 6602340205, h-index (3), Publications (34), Citations (14)
ORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-3443-5171

Chairman of «Information and Telecommunication Technologies» branch of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Deputy General Director of LLC «ICOMINVEST» on innovation technologies – the finance investment company in telecommunication sector, Deputy General Director of JSC “National Research Institute of Technologies and Communications” (NIITC), Doctor of Economics Science (2003), Ph.D. Degree in Radio engineering (1988), Professor of Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI) and Plekhanov University of Economics (2013).

Visit-Professor of Tunisian Telecommunication Institute (IsetCom, Tunisia) (Since 2005) and International Information Technologies University (IITU, Kazakhstan), the Government Prize laureate (2003), published over 330 scientific papers on Economic-legal, QoS – problems of telecommunications, Spectrum Management and EMC issues, author of such books as: «Radio spectrum utilization and 3G mobile system development in Russia»; «Third Generation Mobile Networks: Economical and Technical Aspects», «Regulation and Economics of Mobile Communication», «Third Generation Mobile Communications: Economics and Quality of Service», «Telecommunications Regulations in Russia and CIS countries», «Management and Quality of Service in GPRS/UMTS Networks».

Chief Editor of “T-Comm” Journal (Since 2008), Editorial Board Member of ITT Journal (Kazakhstan).

Scientific and professional fields of activity

Development of NGN, IoT and 2G/3G/4G/5G Mobile Communications; Efficient utilization and Spectrum reforming of Radio Spectrum; Economical and Regulation issues of Radio communications; Quality of Service for Mobile communications; Radio communication systems interference; Transport Economics; Operating Systems; Computer Security and Reliability; Computer Communications (Networks).

Actively participated in the work of International regulatory and standardization telecom bodies as representative of the Russian Federation, namely, in ITU (ITU-R SG1), CEPT/ECC (EÑC/WG RA, EÑC/WG/FM), ETSI (TC/M2M, TC/ERM, TC/STQ) and oneM2M Partnership Project.

ITU Field Expert ID: 06169 (ITU-D Mission: Erevan-2001(Armenia), Sana’a-2005(Yemen) and Astana (2014)).